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Referring someone you care is great way to help someone in their need. If you know someone (your friend colleague, neighbor, family members etc.) you can refer by their details (Email etc.) BASIC SPINE provide you this service by an easy way. There are many treatment center in California who provides treatments for spine conditions. But there may be who aren’t give you easy option to refer someone you care.


Referrals are the biggest compliment a thriving practice can receive and are handled with the greatest care! BASIC SPINE have provided a short questionnaire provided in website. If you provided your contact information, they will *update you with the progress of your patient referral. BASIC is a multidisciplinary practice who provides all-in-one care for patients with spine, joint, nerve and extremity pain.

Their goal is to provide a unique approach to proper spine care. Expediting the patients healing and comfort is our sole reason for existence. Creating a personalized treatment plan for patients with the wishes of the referring doctor is mission.

You can refer someone who need a spine related treatment by the below link-


Are Looking for Best Pain Management Specialists in Your City?

Pain is a complex condition for everyone when it occurs, it is always difficult to bear it. Did you know that Weather your pain is from arthritis or an old injury, if you have a proper way you can you can control your pain.

Best Pain Management Specialists

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2.       Inflammatory pain

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Physical Therapy Treatment Cost in USA

Basic ® Spine Center is providing you best and Hight Quality Treatment Services in USA. You Can Take Benefit of this Spine Center Services. We Have a Very low and affordable Price of all treatments. If you want more information Related Pain Treatment , Call 949-335-7500 and also ask question in Our BASIC® Spine Online Appointment Forum.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Cost

Lumbar (Low Back) Pain Treatment Cost

Neck (Cervical) Pain Treatment Cost

Sciatica Pain Treatment Cost


SI Joint Pain Treatment Cost

Tailbone (COCCYX) Pain Treatment Cost

Thoracic (Mid Back) Pain Treatment Cost Price

Coccyx Pain Treatment Cost Price

Cervical (Neck) Pain Treatment Price Cost

Thoracic Pain Treatment Cost

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